About TaxCare

TaxCare has served domestic and international clients in Korea for more than three decades. Tax Accountants Sung-il Kim, presently chairman, and Kyung-soo Choi, senior partner, established their practice in 1986 after long experience working together in the International Taxation Bureau of the Main Office, Regional Tax Offices and District Tax Offices of the National Tax Service (NTS).


From the start, TaxCare’s guiding philosophy has been to provide impeccable and excellent and immediately responsive service to all clients at reasonable fees. Justin Su-chul Kim became the Representative Director of TaxCare in 2014 and is guiding the expansion of TaxCare’s professional services.

Our People

Justin S. (Su Chul) Kim

Certified Tax Accountant / Representative Director

Prior to becoming a Tax Accountant and joining TaxCare, Justin Kim was a management consultant specializing in performance evaluation for healthcare service providers, state-owned corporations and also government offices. Mr. Kim is a graduate of Seoul National University School of Management and has a Masters in Applied Statistics from Penn State University.


Sung Il Kim

Certified Tax Accountant / Chairman

Sung Il Kim, currently our Chairman, has more than thirty years’ experience as a Tax Accountant with a specialty in international taxation and tax investigation. Mr.Kim serves as the tax advisor to foreign schools in Korea. Chairman Kim in his private capacity works to support educational development in developing countries and since 2011 has directly supported a rural primary school in Laos. In 2012 Chairman Kim received an official Presidential Commendation in recognition of his social contribution activities. .

K.S. (Kyung Soo) Choi

Certified Tax Accountant / Vice Chairman

K.S. Choi leads the international tax practice at TaxCare. Mr. Choi has served as the tax advisor to IBM Korea and the Korean subsidiaries of many other global corporations. Prior to joining Sung Il Kim in establishing TaxCare, he worked in the International Tax Bureau of the NTS and then served as the international tax practice leader at the Korean affiliate of PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Joo-Oh Park

Certified Tax Accountant / Vice Chairman

Mr. Park has long experience as a tax adjudicator of the Tax Tribunal, which is under the Office of the Prime Minister of Korea. Mr. Park is a widely-recognized specialist in the conduct and defense of tax investigations and in preparing and arguing appeals to the NTS and to the Tax Tribunal.

Dr. Karl Moskowitz

Senior Advisor

Dr. Moskowitz has long experience in advising Korean mid-cap, small-cap and SMBs, particularly for international business expansion, as well as consulting to foreign companies entering and growing their operations in Korea. Prior to establishing his consulting practice in 1984, he was a faculty member at Harvard University teaching modern Korean history and economic development. Dr Moskowitz graduated from Indiana University and holds A.M and Ph.D degrees from Harvard University.

Sun-Ah Jo

Certified Tax Accountant / Director

가톨릭대학교 회계학을 전공하였으며, 이후 국내 대형 세무법인에서 법인 자문 및 재산세제, 세무조사 등 다양한 분야에서 폭넓은 경험을 쌓아 왔습니다. 현재 택스케어 재산세제팀을 이끌고 있으며, 법 해석에 있어서 수동적으로 기존 관행에 따르기 보다는 연구를 통해 이슈를 해결하는데 관심이 높습니다.

Jae-Wan Moon

Certified Tax Accountant / Director

건국대에서 부동산대학원에서 부동산 파이낸스를 전공하였습니다. 택스케어 합류 이전에 세계적인 부동산서비스 회사인 세빌스코리아에서 근무하였습다. 부동산과 금융분야에 특화된 세무 서비스 제공에 관심이 높으며 현재 택스케어 삼성지점을 이끌고 있습니다.

Se-Guen Lee

Certified Tax Accountant / Director

택스케어 합류 전에 포스코 재무실에서 근무하였습니다. 서울시립대 세무전문대학원에서 국제조세법을 전공하고 있으며, 업종별로 특화된 세무 서비스 제공에 관심이 높습니다. 현재 택스케어 병의원팀을 이끌고 있습니다.

Hyun-ho Kim

Certified Tax Accountant / Manager

여주대학교에서 회계학을 전공하였으며, 세무사 합격 이후 주로 대형 법인들의 외부조정과 재산세제를 맡아 오고 있습니다. 향후 세무조사 위험 관리나 현금자산관리 전문가를 목표로 하고 있습니다.

Emily A.(Ahkyung) Nam

Chartered Certified Accountant/ Manager

포츠머스 대학에서 회계학을 전공하였으며 영국회계사 자격증을 보유하고 있습니다. 국제조세 전문가를 목표로 고객사에게 한국의 세법에 대해 정확하고 이해하기 쉽게 답변을 주기 위해 노력 하고 있습니다.